Our Team


Muborak was born in Namangan. She has studied Italian Language at Roman-German Languages School, Uzbek State University of World languages. During her masters studies, as an exchange student she went to Perujia University in Italy where she started to speak Italian in an expert level. For many years she was guiding guests from Italy along their journey in Uzbekistan. She is the mother of two lovely kids. Nowadays, she works at CATS as a Destination Consultant where she manages tours. She can speak fluently in Uzbek, Russian, English and Italian.


Svetlana was born in one of the holy steps of Uzbekistan, Zangiota. She studied at Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers to obtain bachelor’s degree in Accounting studies. She worked as an accountant in Uzbekistan Railways Company and participated in the biggest project of the company which was building railroad between two regions of the country connecting many people and developing the transportation of goods. Her favourite activity is sewing and knitting of different clothes such as jackets and holiday socks. She has been working at CATS as the Cheaf Accountant since 2017. She speaks Uzbek, Russian, English and French.


Born in Urtachirchiq, Tashkent Region, Oksana studied Accounting at college and continued the same field in her further studies. She participated in several competitions in republic level and was rewarded with Best Accountant Award in 2010. Her outstanding achievements lead to become a professional accountant and start her career in this area. Her first work experience was in “Munavvar Fayz” Co, Ltd. She is interested in plants and flowers. There are already more than 100 species of different flowers in her personal garden which shapes  a beautiful landscape. She began to work at CATS in 2019 as an accountant. She can speak in Russian, Uzbek and English.


Ulugbek was born in Eskishahar (Old Part) of Tashkent. He studied his bachelor and master degrees in Management Science at Tashkent Institute of Design, Construction & Maintenance of Automotive Roads. After graduation, he was immediately accepted to work in “Mega Trade Building” construction company. His management skills were highly estimated by other organizations. Therefore, he proceeded his career at “Asia Alliancebank” as the Manager of Customers Department. Currently, he is working in sales department of CATS. He likes playing football. He is the father of two beautiful kids. He speaks fluently in Russian and English.

Shuhrat Adilov

Shuhrat was born in historical Shaykhontokhur District of Tashkent. From young age, he was involved in trade of machinery goods. Later he started his career at tourism industry as a driver. He is very hardworking and versatile when it come to the work. Shuhrat, being an able driver, is very polite with guests, trying to please them all the time.  Throughout his working period, he carried guests in cars, minivans and buses from Tashkent to the most remote destinations in Uzbekistan. Finally, he joined CATS in 2008. From that time he has been dealing with transportation affairs in the company. He is the father of 3 wonderful children and they are coolness of his eyes. He can communicate in Uzbek, Russian and English.

Bahodir Khasanov

The most experienced member of CATS team. He has been working in the company since 2000. Bahodir has professional degree from Trade and Culinary School in Tashkent. He has competed in several cooks competetions to prepare delicious Uzbek Plov. His career mostly involves working in National and Turkish restaurants where he earned the Chef title. He is very happy family man. The father of 8 children and grandfather of 16 grandchildren. He learns about cuisines of Asian countries in his free time.

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